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SamSam’s international location is in the heart of the city of Amstelveen. A unique, multilingual, childcare centre where families from all over the world meet. At this location, we speak both English and Dutch at the groups. Respect for the child’s talents and the way a child develops are important principles of our pedagogical ideas. We give every opportunity to play with paint, felt-tip pens, free materials, clay, paste, paper, materials from nature or, for example, wood. For older babies and toddlers, we provide our independent pedagogical approach, plenty of creative challenge and fine outdoor play moments.

We wish every child to have a SamSam!

Location manager

Lisa van der Post

Fill in the registration form in to register your child at SamSam.

An additional explanation of the registration form in Engish can be found here.

Happy to welcome you at our location Stadshart. Send an email to the location manager with preferred day and time, so we can schedule a suitable time together. We’ll see you soon!

The hourly rate charged by SamSam Stadshart in 2024 is € 11,60

Additional full day € 127,60

SamSam is open for 11 hours daily.

If the planning of your child(ren)’s group permits, it is possible to exchange 10 days per calendar year for holidays or illness.

SamSam is open 52 weeks a year from Monday to Friday. We are open from 07:30 am – 6:30 pm. Annually, we have a study day. This day, SamSam is closed. Also, we are closed during Dutch bank holidays. On 24th and 31st of December, we close at 5:00 pm.

Every year, the Municipal Health Service (GGD) checks that our facilities meet national quality standards and requirements. SamSam complies with all the requirements of the ‘Wet kinderopvang’. The GGD’s inspection reports are public. Via the LRK (Landelijk Register Kinderopvang) all our information can be found and downloaded. Clic here to go to SamSam Stadshart’s LRK and download the GGD report.

How do I calculate my childcare allowance from the Tax authorities?

Childcare allowance is an allowance for parents’ childcare costs. The government contribution depends on the parents’ income. The Tax authorities De Belastingdienst pays the allowance. You can find detailed information on childcare allowance on the Tax authorities site. Want to know what the real cost of childcare is for you? Then you can make a trial calculation via the website www.toeslagen.nl.

How does the application process work and when will I know if a place is available for my child?

Once you have registered your child via the registration form you will receive a notification that your registration has been received and processed. You will then be registered on the waiting list. When a place becomes available in one of our groups, we review the waiting list and see which child qualifies for the spot.

We do our best to plan approximately 6 months ahead, but in practice, it may also be the case that a spot can be offered at shorter notice. This could be for example when a child moves, or wants to take fewer days. When we want to offer a place to parents, we do so by e-mail.