The challenging childcare

where we take care of nature and each other.

The children
are our

SamSam; where children develop into happy, independent children who have an eye for the world, nature and the people around them.

At SamSam, we offer children, aged 0 – 4 years, 4 – 8 years and 8 – 12 years, a challenging day every day in a secure environment where we marvel at everyday things. Young children are real do-ers, together we experiment, explore, smell and taste the world around us. We go outside every day; the wind blowing through our hair, stomping in a full puddle where the water rushes into your boot and with your hands in the grass where little ladybirds tickle your hand. Nature offers us a whole host of impressions and materials for learning to develop. It also provides fine stimuli with soft sounds and subtle colours.

We bring the outside in and work with materials that have a natural origin. By introducing children to natural and creative materials, they learn to use their imagination and creativity.

As a basis for optimal development, we guide the children from their own needs and from respect for each child’s individuality. This creates the positive self-image that children need to develop their self-confidence. Education at SamSam aims to develop children into creative, socially adept people full of self-confidence and able to manage themselves.

Young children are do-ers.

Experimenting and exploring together, with natural and creative materials.